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"Health is not everything,

but without it everything is nothing!"

Arthur Schoppenhauer

April 07, 2020

In today's circumstances - we've been under corona contact restrictions since weeks now - the sentence would probably have to be reworded ... "Only" at risk of losing it, „only“ the possibility of losing our health, is making the whole world completely upside down …

In Ayurveda, Health means:

"The balance of functional principles (doshas),

the balance of digestion and metabolism (agni),

the balanced function of the tissues (dhatu),

the balance of excretions (mala),

the bright sensory functions (indriga),

the bright psyche (chitta)

and finally as a result of all of that

 satisfaction in oneself (atman). "

That means, all components of body and personality, body, mind and soul are in a harmonious interplay, which is what makes Ayurveda holistic. Each level is based on the previous process level in balance and is based on the balance of the preliminary stage.

When the functional principles that work in us, the basic energies, the processes that bring body, mind and soul to work and bring them to their functions, are in harmony with our own nature and our diet and lifestyle do not unbalance, digestion and metabolism can function perfectly. This functional principles and basic energies are the Doshas Vata, Pitta, Kapha as they are called in Ayurveda.

Means, in case the Doshas are in balance, our tissues can continue to build up and superfluous items for the body can be released without any problems. Bright sensory functions based on this in turn lead to the conscious perception of what is seen, the smells, tastes, sounds and feelings of and for the nature in the outside and so the psyche, our own, inner nature remains nothing else than just to shine. :-)

And when we have all of this under control and given, then we have built up a resilient and functioning immunesystem that can not only withstand a Corona Virus much better, but also reward us with much vitality and wellbeing.

In my final thesis on Holistic Ayurveda Nutritionist and Ayurveda Health Coach (IHK), I have already dealt intensively with the definition of health in Ayurveda. Just during that time I was so fascinated by it, above all by the natural, tried-and-tested method that can be used to influence the development of a functioning, strengthened immunesystem, that I made it my task and still will continue to shed further light on this definition.

We have read and heard a bid in the last few weeks under the influence of the worldwide spreading Corona Virus/Covid-19, by what and how we can strengthen our immunesystem. All measures aim to support one or the other level of the process described above for obtaining a strong immunesystem.

I would like to pass on how Ayurveda sees it in its entirety, what is behind it in detail on the basis of what I wrote before in my thesis and will publish it in future in the form of blog posts.

If you want to get a general introduction to Ayurveda before,
I recommend my Ayurveda entry page via this link.

In case you should have any questions or comments
refering to the written please contact me.

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