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Come to rest? - or out of it?

Especially now in spring it is about getting out of the winter rest and this year partial additionally the Corona calm, the even longer "winter sleep" to get fit and vital in spring. - And what does that have to do with the Kapha Dosha?

In winter, body and mind need warmth and strength to be able to demonstrate a well-strengthened immune system internally against the cold and moisture from the outside. With abundant and nourishing meals as well as additional rest and more seclusion, we support our mass principle, for which the Kapha-Dosha stands in Ayurveda and thus build up a little "fat pad". In winter it has its justification so that body and mind can draw on it in demanding, cold times.

People who have a strong and stocky physique with strong bones and softer shapes from birth on already have a higher percentage of Kapha. They are therefore "naturally" better prepared and therefore more resistant to diseases. You don't have to add as much for the winter. In terms of mind, these people tend to rest in themselves. They emit inner peace and are often difficult to get out of, but are therefore more prone to sluggishness if the already existing high Kapha portion is additionally spoiled.

The basis for these properties are the Kapha elements earth and water. Mass can be built up from both elements. We carry them in our inner nature, in our body and mind just as they are in our outer nature. And just as the rising sun melts the snow in the beginning of spring, our body begins to liquefy and release the built-up reserves that it had to store in winter.

According to Ayurvedic knowledge, this is particularly noticeable in moucus obstruction, paralyzing spring tiredness and the tendency to store metabolic waste (Ama). Now it is best time to use cleaning and fasting programs (Pancha-Karma in Ayurveda) to get out of the "winter sleep" into the outer and inner spring cleaning, to reduce the amount of Kapha and to bring it back into balance, thus stimulating the weak digestive power (Agni) and removing the waste products.

The functions of Vata and Pitta regain importance and are stimulated to act more strongly during fasting. Now it is time to stir up the urge to move and strengthen digestive power, which is usually not so easy for a person affected by the Kapha Dosha. However, even simple changes in diet and lifestyle can help.

But there are not just the seasons that are affected differently by the Kapha Dosha. The doshas are also expressed in different strengths in the individual phases of life. The phase in which the Kapha Dosha is very dominant is the childhood. During this time, growth, affected by the earth and water element, is particularly in demand.

Baby fat, moist shiny eyes, damp skin, the need to sleep a lot, as well as the regularity and the daily routine are typical and important for this phase on the physical level. On the emotional level, we find in particular the Kapha-typical enjoyment, inner satisfaction, confidence and also a certain ability to compensate. The Kapha-Dosha is the very important creator of the basis for a healthy individual development of body and mind.

In this childhood phase, special attention is paid to the metabolism and thus the structure of the body tissues. Their condition and health bear in Ayurveda great responsibility for their resilience and thus for the development of the child's immune system up to early adulthood.

In Ayurveda, Health means:

"The balance of functional principles (doshas),

the balance of digestion and metabolism (agni),

the balanced function of the tissues (dhatu),

the balance of excretions (mala),

the bright sensory functions (indriga),

the bright psyche (chitta)

and finally as a result of all of that

satisfaction in oneself (atman). "

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